Well, it had to happen.  I predicted as much back in the midst of a Glenn Beck (remember him?)  brouhaha.  I wondered then how some of the more “conservative” evangelicals were going to handle Beck’s Mormonism.

Now it’s all about Mitt.

Here we are in the thick of the winnowing process for the Republican presidential nomination.  Rick Perry supporter, Pastor Jeffress, has called Mormonism a “false religion” straight out (along with Islam, Hinduism and  Buddhism).  But it seems the other candidates are giving Mitt a pass and tacitly bowing to common knowledge: everyone believes what they choose to believe and it’s no one else’s business.

In other words, if you choose to believe that Joseph Smith translated golden tablets with the use of special spectacles, and then they were returned to their angelic guardian, it’s OK.

Hey, it’s not such a far cry from a plague of frogs, a virgin birth, an ascension into heaven or any other of the myriad of miraculous events that our religions claim for themselves or their superheroes, is it?

Basically, what these politicians are saying is: “We’re all in the same boat here — none of us want to really have to defend all this stuff is that we purportedly believe because we don’t know if it’s true or not.  But we somehow, through accident of birth or choice, believe it, because politically, we have to say we believe in something like this.”

This is a very interesting development, and provides us with faint hope that we’re one step closer to acknowledging the human roots of religion and our gods — that they are all our creation, made up out of our human experience over the ages.  And since they’re all made up, perhaps no one has a lock on the truth.  Now we can stop using our gods to give legitimacy to our politics, stop consigning others to the fires of hell, telling them they’re not as “holy” as they could be if they believed or voted this way or that.

The sooner we’re able to say this out loud, the sooner we’ll all get along a lot better.

Thanks to the Republicans for pointing this out!

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