I just found this on an acquaintance’s site:

“Reagan Conservative….I’m a Conservative. I’m a highly opinionated blogger. If you ask for my opinion I’ll let you know exactly what’s on my mind. I don’t play the PC game, so, be very careful what you ask for. Our Constitution holds ALL the rules and laws we need, and some of them need to be removed. I do NOT tolerate anarchists and anti-American trolls. I do NOT tolerate radical and militant liberals and left wing moonbats (means yer clueless). ”

It just seems so senseless, anti-intellectual, and reactionary.  It’s almost as if he’s trying to put up a front of bravado in order to appear normal in some way.

Highly opinionated blogger, indeed.

Do you have any idea what rules and laws need to be removed from the Constitution?  I bet I know which ones he means.

And if he doesn’t tolerate “anarchists and anti-American trolls” or “radical and militant liberals and left wing moonbats” – whatever is a moonbat? — probably something picked up from Limbaugh — how is he going to handle being a citizen of a democratic/republican/pluralistic/multicultural/multiracial society?  He may as well go ahead and jump off a cliff.

What is it that so damages people that they feel they have to present a public persona of intolerance and aggression, when in person, at dinner,  they appear perfectly normal and amiable?

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