A quote I put up for the commemoration of the Great War.

“The Great War of 1914-18 lies like a band of scorched earth dividing that time from ours. In wiping out so many lives . . . , in destroying beliefs, changing ideas, and leaving incurable wounds of disillusion, it created a physical as well as psychological gulf between two epochs.” — from “The Proud Tower – A Portrait of the World Before the War 1890-1914,” by Barbara Tuchman.

This is the response I got from a long-lost, newly rediscovered friend from high school days.

He wrote: “Just united people rising up against tyranny..such as we have in our beloved country today.”

Me:  “I don’t quite get the parallel, dude.”

Then in private message, I get this:

He prefaces: “It’s because of stuff like this Mike…Sheer Tyranny”

He then sends me a web site which takes me to an app, then I refuse the app, but the headline on the story behind it all is “The IRS thinks you’re a terrorist, but Holder still won’t appoint a Special Counsel to investigate IRS misconduct.”

Me:  “Still don’t see the parallel – this is all bogus shit to distract people from the real problems of today’s world.

And WW I was not about any perceived tyranny at all.  It was about stupidity and vanity.”

Can I pull out my hair now?  Is this the depths to which middle-class, supposedly literate, America is sinking?

Note: the website app mentioned is the American Center for Law and Justice.  Do the letters ACLJ look strangely similar to ACLU to you?  Surely they didn’t base their name on how many people they could reel in who are pissed off in some way at the ACLU and happen to hit the adjacent “J” rather than the “U.”