So disappointed to see how ignorant and yet, so opinionated, people are who’ve never been outside their own country, many of them never outside their own state in the U.S., and yet, they know everything about the world and how it should be run.  Got their high school degree back in the late 60s from some little school in East Jesus Undershirt and now they know everything.  Never even had a passport.  Why would one need one, anyway?  Nothing out there that could teach one anything anyway, when you have the best there is.

The racism, xenophobia, blatant disregard for science, the lack of ability to think about anything for a “spell” other than staged television spectacles which rival anything the Nazis ever put on for the ignorati, the willingness to turn over our entire political system to a bunch of rapacious gamblers —  it’s all beyond me.  And to think, once upon a time our country thought it had a mission to fight Nazism, ignorance and racism.  I sure hope our fathers are dead soon enough so they won’t  have to be witness to the stupidity of our age.  Now we just celebrate the D-Day landing and think nothing of what was behind it, what it meant, and why we did it.  Hell, who cares, we won, right?

Sometimes I wonder if people are just tired of thinking or if they’ve never been taught how to think.  I suspect the evidence will point to the latter