I just read this in one of my high school friend’s Facebook status updates, written by her, I assume, as no source was given:

“Christmas, for me, is a time of humble adoration. Why?  Because Jesus humbled Himself.  He went from commanding angels to sleeping in the straw with animals.  He went from clutching stars to clutching Mary’s finger.  The hand that held the Universe took the nail of a Roman soldier.  What do I want for Christmas?  What greater gift than that which I have already received?  I am humbled.  O, Come Let Us Adore Him.”

This is pure rubbish to me.  How can someone in the 21st century even think this?

Update three hours later:

I searched for one of the sentences in the quote above on Google.  It’s a direct quote from one of those pietistic designer bible guys, Mac Lucado, from the Lucado Devotional Bible.

So gladly I tell you – or sadly – then even sadder – it is not her creation.

What’s worse?  Believing it?  Writing it and believing it?  Writing it purporting to believe it and not believing it, or just saying right out, this is what I believe and I here it is (but I stole it)?