Just amazing to me, even after years of swift change, the way technology keeps changing things, sometime for good, sometime not.

This secession petition campaign, and a certain number of concerns on one issue triggering a presidential response on the government website: We the People: Your Voice in our Government  (https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/).

We’re just not thinking fast enough or smart enough to keep up with the technology.

Why would a response that basically requires one to be able follow a link Uncle Joe sent to all the cousins, to check a box, and to say “Hell yeah, I wanna secede.  I don’t like the way the government . . . . .”  whatever — why would a few thousand of those mouse button clicks trigger a response?

The signatories don’t even have to think about anything at all, they just vent their anger or frustration somehow by believing that clicking on a website is going to do something about it — about anything.  There’s no thought put into it.

Not too many ago, if you wanted to communicate with the government, you’d write something.  You would have done some research and could communicate your findings and your opinion in writing, perhaps even in person, to your representative, hoping that it made sense when it got to that point.  And if you worked long enough, maybe for years, you might just get to see your idea made a reality at some point.  But it sure didn’t happen through someone pushing a button.

And now we just send these viral things out – go here, click here, OK, I’m done and they had better do something about it, damnit.  And if they don’t let’s just secede from the U.S.